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The One At Select 74! #TalkingAnxiety

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Mental Health, Talking Anxiety

I loved being Guest Speaker for Select 74 at this event…and not just because they laid on chilled beer and canapés either!

Nick Elston speaking at the Mercure Holland House HotelHeld at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Bristol – Select 74 are a Networking organisation for life and disability underwriting and insurance professionals.

Plus – I was being followed around for an upcoming Video Documentary by Jack Cooke of Beyond The Brand – looking at the life and adventures of a Professional Speaker – and it was a lot of fun being involved in the making of that!

Emily Clark and Jon Parker of Select 74 and the packed room of attendees all made me feel so welcome from the moment I arrived and even appeared in the documentary themselves – more to follow on that!Emily Clark and Jon Parker of Select 74

The audience were fully engaged and immersed themselves fully in my seminar and the feedback has been sensational!

Plus, I learned a lot too. I stayed on to offer my perspective on some real life case studies around claims on Mental Health conditions within their industry.

One of the aspects I love about doing what I do is being able to learn, develop and grow personally from the insight I get from my audience and this event was particularly fascinating.

A BIG thank you to all at Select 74!



Nick Elston speaking for Select 74