Magic in the Chaos – your right to Mental Health

Oct 18, 2023 | Mental Health

Hey everyone!

Today, let’s bask in the universal truth that mental health is everyone’s inherent right. Not a privilege, not a luxury, but a downright, non-negotiable right!

However, even the term ‘mental health’ has a negative connotation – I’ve heard it used as a diagnosis “this guy, this girl has mental health!’ – as if it were a diagnosis!

Words have power – so no wonder there remains a stigma.

I often find myself reflecting, drawing from my eclectic rollercoaster of lived experiences, my conversations as a speaker, coach, and trainer — mental health is our common thread, weaving through the vibrant tapestry of life.

We all have mental health – whether it’s good, neutral or poor.

But let’s lighten the mood, shall we? Mental health, whilst essential, doesn’t have to be a grim, heavy topic. We can approach it with lightness, with compassion, with a hint of humour (I’ve been described by my US audience as ‘quirky’ – still not sure if that’s a good thing!) and a generous dose of empathy.

It’s about embracing the full spectrum of our emotions – acceptance is everything, right? (Those who know, know!)

It’s knowing no-one has this nailed – this is not ‘hallelujah this guy is cured!’ – absolutely not, I manage my stuff daily to varying degrees of success!  So don’t feel alone when you are struggling.

But there is a serious point here; it’s not all sunshine and rainbows – I am sorry to break this to you but we do not live in a Disney movie – you will get blindsided, you will get knocked down- it’s about how we get up & dust ourselves down – extreme self-awareness & building a playbook for ‘resilience’ for when you need it!

But, that starts with you knowing YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MENTAL HEALTH!

We all have our overcast days, those moments when the skies within us are grey and the thunderstorms seem unending. But, it’s precisely in acknowledging and respecting these storms that we find our true strength and resilience.

Because, as I constantly stress – every storm DOES run out of rain!

It just never feels like it at the time.

You see, it’s when people lose hope or the hope of something better – that’s when the world get’s quite a dark and dangerous place for people.

But, take it from an old guy looking back – it’s only been through the periods of chaos that the magic has happened, only been through the adversities have the most exciting things been forged – in any moment, you can thrive, learn and evolve.

Through the years, I’ve been a keen observer of the ebbs and flows of mental health in my own life and the lives of those I’ve had the privilege to connect with. And if there’s one golden nugget I’d like to drop into your consciousness today, it’s this: cherish your mental health.

But, if you are not feeling life right now – please do reach out for help – you can find lots of signposted services at – you are not alone and you do share in the universal right to mental health.

You’ve got this!


Nick 🧢