Legacy – the truth behind my ‘why’

Sep 2, 2022 | Mental Health

There are two assumptions that people can make (probably more!) about me when they attend one of my talks, seminars, workshops or events.

The first as a Speaker, mental health related, is that it’s ‘hallelujah – this guy is cured!’.

Absolutely not! I manage my stuff daily – to varying degrees of success – as we all do!

This is why I choose to share ‘The Truth’ – the ups, the downs – what has worked, what hasn’t worked – my insights, experiences and the stage is very much therapy space for me – unfiltered and ultimately authentic.

This is where my ambition was born of creating ‘legacy’.

To show people that every storm does run out of rain, that wherever you are right now does not mean it has to define you negatively for the rest of your days – to inspire people to stop building a future based on fear, but realise that it truly is what we do next that counts.

Our adversities, challenges, losses, hurts can ultimately forge something better, something powerful, something beautiful, something exciting – something that wouldn’t of existed without the journey.

It’s where my business Forging People was born – ‘Transformation Through Speaking’.

Our flagship event is ‘Find Your Voice – LIVE!’

Initially named the ‘Nick Elston Speaking Academy’ – which launched in 2019 – it has launched many professional speaking careers, given people the confidence to step up to speak, to empower people to truly be heard in life, in business, in education and begin to live a life on their terms – personally and professionally.

Many years later, in its current guise – this is now a huge quarterly event with a whole team of wonderful people which has been the basis for my business to launch and has positively impacted thousands of lives.


But, why do I coach people to ‘Speak’ – especially as many of those looking to ‘Go Pro’ are in the same space as me?


  • I value collaboration over competition.
  • I want to see as many people out there as possible sharing their specialisms and stories to create positive impact.
  • When we truly own our niche, communicate our context and weave our humanity into our messages – we are all truly unique – there is no competition.

So, I hear you ask, what is the second assumption that people make about you?

People assume that with success, increased visibility and profile and everything that comes with it – that it’s all happened by design.

The truth is that right up until this point of writing, none of this has happened by design.

I think that’s reassuring – especially right now with the current economic climate and global challenges.

The most exciting things that have happened to me have come from the biggest adversities.

Yes, we should absolutely aim for what we wish to achieve – but if that doesn’t happen – it’s ok – something better can be waiting just around the corner.

Opportunities are everywhere, it’s attitude that will dig them out – I’ll tell you the Tesco story next month!

People may also assume that legacy is not important to me – especially not having children, aside from a small Shih-Tzu! However legacy is everything to me – it’s just manifested in my work, my message and my mission – to create something to show the world that I was here.

I have never been a natural entrepreneur or self-employed person or now business owner – not one week has gone by where I haven’t wanted to press that big red EJECT button!

It’s creating my legacy that drives me forward.

What will your legacy be?

Until next time… 🧢