Given up on your 2024 ‘new rules’ already?

Feb 9, 2024 | Mental Health

Hey everyone!  I saw a stat recently that had me raising an eyebrow – apparently, 80% of us have chucked our New Year’s resolutions out the window by the time February rolls around. Bit disheartening, right? But here’s the thing, it’s not about the date on the calendar or the resolutions we scribble down; it’s about how we forge ahead, regardless of what’s gone before.

BUT – trust me I get it. To the backdrop of a very tough couple of months for me personally, 2024 has been very stop-start so far on a personal level, despite my professional life thriving – so consistency & ‘flow’ have been hard to achieve whilst juggling the extremes in my world.

It’s important to be honest, to show the real life behind the headlines, images & engagements.

So, in the continued spirit of honesty –  as I always strive for – this is for me, as well as the 80% of you who this resonates with – a timely reminder that we’ve all got this! 👊 Group huddle, let’s get our heads back in the game for 2024 – we still have eleven months to go – are you with me?

First off, let’s remember why we set these goals. Was it to improve our health, boost our career, or maybe find more joy in the everyday? The goal hasn’t changed; just our approach needs a tweak. Think of this email as the dawn of the real New Year; a fresh start without the pressure.  (Also, with less fireworks – so my dog will be happy!).

Here are a few tips to keep the momentum going:

  • Break It Down: Chunk those big ambitions into bite-sized, manageable tasks. Smaller victories lead to big wins. Marginal gains!
  • Celebrate the Wins: Something I guarantee you don’t do as much as beat yourself up over the perceived losses!
  • Flexibility is Key: If a resolution isn’t sticking, it’s not a failure; it’s a sign to adjust. Be flexible with your methods.
  • Accountability Buddies: Share your goals with someone you trust. A bit of moral support goes a long way. This works great in our professional & personal lives.
  • Kindness First: Missed a day at the gym, pool or mindfulness session? It’s okay. Be kind to yourself. Progress isn’t linear. Avoid the ‘boom & bust’ mentality!

Remember, every day is a chance to start anew , every storm does run out of the rain – so, let’s not wait for another January to roll around. February is as good a time as any to reset, refocus, and forge ahead with what truly matters to us. Until next month…

Cheers Nick 🧢

PS I’ll be getting my swimming gear back on again this week, you can all be my accountability partner! 😂

Getting a lot of love for the music shout outs – so here below in memory of a Country legend who sadly passed too young yesterday – Toby Keith – ‘How do you like me now?’ Attendees of ‘Find Your Voice – LIVE!’ will recognise this track! 🤠