Adversity to excitement – keep forging ahead!

Sep 7, 2020 | Mental Health

Hey everyone

It’s under the greatest pressure that the greatest diamonds are born…

I’ve always been a bit of a space geek, a bit of a sci-fi nerd – but especially through lockdown, I’ve been immersing myself in reading, watching and listening to lots of content about space exploration, stars & the planets.

I was watching a fantastic show called How The Universe Works – it was talking about the theories that when stars die, the extreme heat and pressure created gives birth to a ‘White Dwarf’ – which in turn will crystallise and forge a planet-sized diamond!

I love that.

I think it is a great analogy for life and for business.

Could it be that our greatest excitements, successes and achievements – would not have happened if it wasn’t for the ‘heat’ and the ‘pressure’ of our own, that we experience along the way.

That would then stand to reason that if you are experiencing those adversities, those challenges right now – it could be creating an amazing outcome, but we just don’t see it yet.

During the recent months especially, I have spoken to many people going through different challenges, personally and professionally.

Every challenge you have ever been through has passed.

You have at least survived it – because you are reading this!

But a lot of the time we can learn, grow and thrive through the experience and its lessons.

Look, you should know this by now – but you’ll always get honesty from me…

Even this week, with 1 month to go until my third ‘self employment birthday’ – I was tempted to press the big red EJECT button!

Nick Elston Inspirational Speaker Eject Button

A lot of things had culminated in me stopping – and saying ‘I’m done!‘.

A good friend of mine, someone who I won’t name as he is a very private person – called me to deliver a pep talk of my own – in his brilliantly ‘sledgehammer like’ style!

I needed that.

He gave me a new angle, a fresh perspective and basically kicked my ****!

Trust me, it’s easier to tell somebody else what to do than it is to do it ourselves!

I’ve also spoken to people over lockdown who have ended up having to shelve their career ambitions, business plans, entrepreneurial journey – even their personal life choices – then immediately lost hope of it happening in future.

As I have said countless times ‘every storm will run out of rain’ – this will pass, this is not about abandoning anything – this is you doing what you need to do right now to pay the bills, keep the dream alive, pay your way, look after yourself and your family.

Some of you may not know that when I first set out in self-employment in 2017, I worked 36 hours a week for Tesco around launching my own business – delivering groceries to the good people of the South West.

It wasn’t where I wanted to be – but it made today possible and I was far better off for the experience.

More to follow on that next month!

For now, just remember;

  • Where you are right now does not define you.
  • There are lessons in everything, even the ‘negative’.
  • Opportunities are everywhere – you only need to look in the right places.
  • Ask for help – this will bring a new angle, a new perspective.
  • Compassion and kindness are key – not just to others, but to yourself too.
  • Harness the energy of your experiences as a catalyst for true change.
  • Don’t stand in your own way – review, forgive, evolve and go forward.

“Your biggest adversity could forge something beautiful, something exciting, something powerful!”

Something that never would have existed without you going through your ‘stuff’ in the first place…your ‘diamond’.

Keep on keeping on…

Until next time…


Nick 🧢

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