Nick Elston

Motivational Speaker, Speaking Coach, and Event Host in Bristol, United Kingdom

All of us, at some point in our lives would have suffered from anxiety.

First day at school, sales presentation to your boss, submitting your tax return (lol!).

We’ve all been there.

But what if you had that feeling every moment of every day?

What if you were constantly on edge about the iron being left on, the window being left open, or the backdoor being unlocked.

In extreme cases, there could be no seemingly logical explanation behind the feelings at all.

Nick has 30+ years of experiencing of dealing with just that. Behind the confident and kind exterior, Nick harbours a lifetime of stress, anxiety and OCD. He is now fully equipped to not only understand what you’re going through, but to offer you tried and tested advice, tips and tricks to getting your anxiety under control.

Removing the anxiety out of all aspects of life and business - through his talks, he can help you, your team, and your business thrive by lowering the anxiety in every area. In doing so, this will help with moving you towards your end goals and ultimately, success.

You don’t become a top performing sales professional by staying in bed and hiding from your demons. Nick has all the get up and go to help you fight your way to the top whilst managing the demons in your life and business.

Nick is an entertaining, humorous speaker. His talks are from emotionally charged experience - ranging from his childhood, right through to the present day, including amusing sales anecdotes.

More importantly, he delivers a strong, relevant & powerful talk which any audience can take inspiration, motivation and insight from.

"BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty" - Brad Burton, UK's no 1 Motivational Business Speaker

Nick also uses his joint experiences of overcoming Anxiety & his work as a Professional Speaker to empower others who need to speak publicly - whether that be in Business or Social settings - such as Weddings.

As an Event Host & Master of Ceremonies - Nick is the Official Business Networking Consultant to Bristol Rovers Football Club & hosts lots of different events across all aspects of life and business.

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What clients say about me
A BIG man, BIG story, BIG heart, BRUTAL honesty - a Speaking Masterclass!"
Brad Burton, Bestselling Author
Engaging, powerful, moving & funny - all the things a fantastic Speaker should be when they deliver - Nick does is all of these - an AMAZING Speaker!"
Owen Morgan, World Health Heroes
Nick delivered a truly insightful, utterly engaging & exceptionally eye-opening presentation with immense heart, laser-sharp clarity, almost unlimited honesty & packed full of advice for those who are supporting people with anxiety, have been affected by the issues or had to deal with it themselves. 5 Stars, recommended, book him & listen!"
Jamie Breese, Entrepreneur & TV Celebrity